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CBMU Membership may be accorded to any insurance company authorized to transact marine insurance in Canada either in its own name, or in the name of an organization authorized to underwrite marine insurance on its behalf and holding exclusive underwriting authority for one or more Provinces, or to any company operating exclusively as a managing general agent and authorized to transact marine insurance in Canada, provided such company is affiliated contractually with another company holding Membership in the CBMU. Membership will be granted to a company that has minimum one office operating in Canada.

No company or group of companies whose marine business is under common management shall hold more than one Membership.

A member shall have permanently established a qualified management or, be a part of an established management organization; and underwrite a significant and diversified portfolio of marine insurance.

Each Member shall nominate one of its officers or senior marine personnel, resident in Canada, to be its Voting Representative; and each Member may nominate one Alternate Representative, who may act on behalf of the Voting Representative at Annual and General Meetings of the Members.




CBMU Associates

CBMU Associate status may be granted to any individual or organization whose business activities are of interest to marine underwriters.





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© 2024 The Candian Board of Marine Underwriters